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Helping modern lifestyle brands tell their story through meaningful copy

Words matter. The words you use will influence how your customers perceive, experience and engage with your brand. That's why having clear and compelling copy is essential to connecting with your ideal customers and growing your business.


But you already know all this, which is why you're here. 

Let's get real... finding the right words isn't always easy

Whether you don't know what to say, have too much to say, or just don't have enough time, there are many reasons why working with a copywriter makes sense. 


Let me help you get focused on creating copy that:


  • has a purpose

  • is optimized

  • is authentic to your brand

  • resonates with your ideal customers

  • clearly communicates your value

  • gives your brand a personality and consistent voice

  • boosts your credibility 

  • increases sales

Hi, I'm Maria

I'm a writer based in Barrie, Ontario with over a decade of professional experience in copywriting and marketing. I partner with big brands, small businesses and web designers.


Specializing in digital copywriting, I create copy that's clear, concise and customer-focused. I help modern lifestyle brands and entrepreneurs find the right words to sell more products, book more services and build long-lasting relationships with their customers.  

Let's get your words working for you.

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Kind Words

"Every project we have worked with Maria on, she has not only brought our vision to life but has added to it in a way we wouldn't have been able to dream up on our own. She steps into our brand so perfectly, and does it with her whole heart. Her writing keeps us inspired about our own brand and we are so grateful."

—  Brittany & Victoria

Shiny Soul Creations

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