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Copywriting is more than just stringing words together


Essential Copy is rooted in writing with intention: carefully choosing words with regard to strategy, data, design and the customer experience to create compelling content that serves your goals.

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I’ve always been inspired by the power of words to move people—emotionally and to action. To me, it’s less about being “clever” and more about creating connections. Learning about your audience intimately and using those insights to tell stories that resonate and appeal to their emotions. Why? Because people buy into brands they can relate to and connect to.


After working as a marketer and copywriter in the corporate world for over a decade, I took everything I learned and started Essential Copy in 2019. Since then, I’ve partnered with businesses (both big and small) across various industries, including financial services, healthcare, wellness and lifestyle brands.


My work has always revolved around a dedication to quality and being intentional—whether I’m supporting an in-house creative team with their communication objectives or helping entrepreneurs develop their brand voice and messages. My goal is to write copy that’s not only effective but also meaningful to my clients and their ideal customers.

The Essential Method




The process starts with getting the right context to help inform your copy strategy. This step includes understanding your brand, identifying your objectives, and gathering insights on your target and competitors.  



Taking a collaborative approach to writing ensures I'm crafting the copy you envisioned. Collaboration starts at the beginningwith developing your ideas, brand voice and key messagesand then continues throughout the process.



Once I deliver your copy, there'll be time devoted for you to provide your feedback. Dedicated to making you proud of your content, I'll take your feedback and work on refining your copy until you're completely happy.

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