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Pam Rocca

Industry: Health and Wellness

The Work:

Brand messaging

Brand voice development

Website copy


Through her cookbooks, one-on-one coaching, popular workshops and retreats, Pam Rocca has helped many women achieve their desired health goals by inspiring them to create loving connections to food and their bodies. For her website, our goal was to create user-friendly copy that felt inspirational and clearly communicated all the different products and services under Pam's brand.

Tula Accounting Consulting

Industry: Finance, Accounting

The Work:

Brand messaging

Sales page copy


Taheera is a CPA and the founder of Tula Accounting Consulting. Her motivation behind creating the PER$ONAL Finance Workshop was to help individuals remove feelings of guilt and shame around money and give them the tools to be in control of their finances. We took a straightforward and empathetic approach to her copy based on the insights she gathered about her target audience's lack of financial planning and their feelings of stress when it comes to money.

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Shiny Soul Creations Garnet January Birthstone Necklace
Shiny Soul Creations Amethyst February Birthstone Necklace
Shiny Soul Creations Aquamarine March Birthstone Necklace
Shiny Soul Creations Clear Quartz April Birthstone Necklace

Shiny Soul Creations

Industry: Jewelry, Lifestyle

The Work:

Brand messaging



Shiny Soul Creations is jewelry for living your life with intention. Founded by two friends, Brittany and Victoria, the brand started by creating modern gemstone jewelry that people could connect to in a meaningful way. Just like the jewelry, messaging for the brand is centred around inspiring positivity and mindful living.